• jbcbrett

    Editorial has been rock solid until this most recent update.

    I'm on an iPhone 4S, 32 GB, iOS version 7.1.2. Editorial version is the latest, version 1.2. Prior to this update, I was on the lastest release but don't know what version it was.

    Here's the progression of problems I'm having and how I tried to solve the issue.

    Previous version worked fine, no problems, rock solid.

    I updated app a few days ago and was able to use it for a couple of hours. Then after several hours, when I open app (when it's not currently running on phone), the active document in Editorial appears on screen, then the app goes to background (still running). I've tried to tap screen in several areas when the app appears to activate cursor. Nothing works.

    The same senario occurs when I activate the app (while it's running on phone). The app doesn't crash to the point where it's no longer running, it just goes to background.

    At this point I tried turning all apps off, turning phone off, and also doing a hard reset (hold home and on|off button simultaneously) without success.

    A comment on the forum said to remove the /Apps folder from my dropbox account...this didn't work either.

    Another said to open this url from iOS Safari, Editorial://, to get the app to open in it's default state. This did open the app, but the result is the same. Acts like flash screen and moves to background.

    Next I removed the app, reinstalled and was able to use it for some time, to the point that I recreated two workflows manually with success. On a side note, I found your workflow to backup all of my workflows and that in itself works great. Thank you.

    But unfortunately, I'm back in the same boat now, it's behaving the same way it did originally. Editorial opens, acts like flash screen, then goes to background.

    So...is there any way to revert to previous build?

    If not, am I the only user having problems like this and there's no plan to release another short term update? Or are many users having problems and as a result, you are planning a near term (5-10 days) update?

    I never realized how much I rely on Editorial daily until now...awesome app! Looking forward to future stability.

    Thank you.

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  • jbcbrett

    Thanks Ole for the response. Based on what I've read about iOS 8 on the 4S, my personal preference is to stay on 7. An update since my first post. I uninstalled and reinstalled Editorial a second time. The Workflows Backup workflow worked flawlessly!! THANK YOU! Over the next several days I'm going to open Editorial, do what I need to do, and then turn it off to see if that solves the issue in the short term. I'll update the results in the next couple of days.

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  • jbcbrett

    Thanks CCC, tried that already, paragraph 9. Or are you saying a lower case e would make a difference with this approach?

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