• Thanks @JonB. I'm looking to cache API keys for Dropbox (see this thread) so "reasonably secure" should probably mean "invisible from access if someone gets access to the device".

    The use case / need is to store short-lived authentication tokens used for Dropbox API calls. Although this pattern-matches against the environment variables option, these tokens need to be refreshed fairly frequently. The refresh is relatively painless/automated, but still results in an updated key values that needs to be stored. I suspect an .env file or similar stored somewhere that the Files app can read it directly is probably not a good solution since these keys might allow access to sensitive information,
    Encrypting a settings file in iCloud at rest might work but I'm not clear how to do that if the python code that would decrypt the data is also stored in iCloud -- wouldn't that mean someone could just read the Python code and figure out how to decrypt it? I might be missing something here.

    I'd prefer something less tied to the Mac ecosystem, but maybe Keychain is the best option to explore?

  • Just downloaded today and having syncing issues. Nothing is syncing between iPhone and iPad. Both iOS 15. Like previously mentioned, if I name a folder the same as name of file created on other device, it amends with ‘1’. So it does seem it is aware of the file but that’s as far as it goes. Off to bed now. Let’s see if it’s synced by the morning. Shame this is still happening two year after it’s been highlighted.

  • @cvp said:

    cell.content_view.remove_subview(tf) del self.values[tf.name] del tf

    I knew it was something like that, I was giving it a go but hadn’t got it right.


  • That’s perfectly workable. Thanks very much!

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