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    @davemacdo said:

    Side note, you don't have to use /Apps/Editorial as suggested above (though I think /Apps/Editorial is the default). I'm using /notes. You can pick any folder to sync right now, but you can pick only one folder, whichever it is.

    That DOES NOT fix the problem. The problem is NOT having access to multiple DB folders, so you can segregate documents. Nor can you open docs from other DB directories (open in ...) w/o the doc being moved, and zeroed out. Not useful.

    I have MARKDOWN docs, TASKLIST docs, and CODE docs that I don't want mixed with each either. When Script-o-Gram was working I couldn't use Editorial to write posts w/o jumping through hoops,

    Ulysess not only lets me access all directories in Box, and Dropbox; I can access my github files via WorkingCopy!

    Having on ONE directory choice means having A VERY LONG LIST files that are mixed together, and don't have any distinguishing marks other than the icon. It also means that you are locked into that directory. arg.

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    @oghh using BOXCRYPTOR destroys the usefulness of Dropbox.

    Second if you feel the need to encrypt your files, then use SpiderOak, or use a server you control.

    Anything else is pointless, no matter how much hysteria you post.

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