• i was suggesting a console conneed to the debug window, which runs a Pdb style command line. Not for the Object Browser, that was debugger specific.

  • I can reproduce the crashes, something's definitely broken there, I'll look into it.

  • It uses a fixed size, but you could define your own text_dialog function like this:

    import dialogs import ui def custom_text_dialog(size=(500, 500), title='', text='', font=('<system>', 16), autocorrection=None, autocapitalization=ui.AUTOCAPITALIZE_SENTENCES, spellchecking=None, done_button_title='Done'): c = dialogs._TextDialogController(title=title, text=text, font=font, autocorrection=autocorrection, autocapitalization=autocapitalization, spellchecking=spellchecking, done_button_title=done_button_title) c.view.bounds = (0, 0, size[0], size[1]) c.view.present('sheet') c.view.begin_editing() c.view.wait_modal() return c.text print 'Result:', custom_text_dialog(size=(300, 400))

    (this is basically just a variation of the actual text_dialog source code)

  • Another approach is to replace the .data_source.items and then you do not even need to call reload().

    # coding: utf-8 import ui def init(): Liste = ['Kram {}'.format(i) for i in xrange(1,10)] v['tableview1'].data_source.items = Liste def buttonaction(sender): Liste = ['Neu-Kram {}'.format(i) for i in xrange(20,30)] v['tableview1'].data_source.items = Liste v = ui.load_view() init() v['button1'].action = buttonaction v.present('sheet')

  • Pythonista posted

  • You are absolute correct. My fault. Restarting Pythonista helps. Many thanks!

  • Although I have not tried, am I the 'link' here?


  • Many thanks, now it works fine.

  • @tomkin Thank you! This is just what I needed. Much appreciated.

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