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    I'm interested in using Pythonista to program Alexa skills. Currently I am playing around with a chatbot script I made a while ago and using the speech module to have the iPad talk to Alexa (really fun). I'm wondering if someone has already created a smart home module that can connect to various devices or not.

    I did find a video of someone using Python to create skills. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXL8FDUag-s

    I feel I am on to something. Anyone done anything with smart home devices? Perhaps HomeKit in Pythonista would be cool? A little program I am playing with below:

    import speech
    def talk(x):
    commands = {"key":"value",
    "brief":"flash briefing",
    "simon":"simon says: What is your favorite animal?",
    "1":"volume to 1",
    "2":"volume to 2",
    "3":"volume to 3",
    "4":"volume to 4",
    "5":"volume to 5",
    "6":"volume to 6",
    "7":"volume to 7",
    "8":"volume to 8",
    "9":"volume to 9",
    "10":"volume to 10",
    "bible":"play bible app",
    "?":"What can you do?",
    "weather":"What's the weather like?",
    "movies":"What movie's are playing",
    "joke":"Tell me a joke.",
    "inspire":"Inspire me."
    def Main():
        while running:
            command=input('Type a command :')
            if command != "end" or "the":
                    talk("Alexa, "+commands[command])
                except: talk(command)
            if command=='end':
                return False
            if command=='...':

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  • TutorialDoctor

    I'm getting back into creating Workflows for Editorial and realized I never posted the Bible app I made for Editorial to the forums. Instructions below.

    Inside Editorial download the bible app workflow:

    Then, download my GitHub Get workflow:

    By default the GitHub Get workflow is set to download a Github repo that includes the needed bible.db database. Run the Github Get workflow, find the database file inside of the new-found Online Downloads folder in Editorial, and move it to the Documents folder.

    Now you can run the Bible 2 workflow!

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    I'm guessing the newest version of Editorial is supposed to have an asset picker for the sound module. I don't see it? Perhaps this was copied from Pythonista (which does have an asset picker) and was not removed for Editorial documentation. However, Editorial does have an updated sound module.

    Any leads?

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  • TutorialDoctor

    from sys import argv
    target=open(filename,'w') #open it for writing, as opposed to reading.

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  • TutorialDoctor

    No problem. That is a good book though. A few others I used:


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  • TutorialDoctor

    Cool. Looking forward to more.

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  • TutorialDoctor

    In Python version 3, raw_input was replaced with just input().

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  • TutorialDoctor

    I build my UI using the UI designer and then I copy the JSON into a string inside of the code. Then I load the view using ui.load_view_str(). Another way you could do it.
    Example: https://github.com/TutorialDoctor/The-Bible-App/blob/master/the_bible.py

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  • TutorialDoctor

    I don't think that is needed if you simply want to download them into Pythonista? What is your need?


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  • TutorialDoctor

    You could put the webview inside of a Custom View and add a button inside of that that closes them both. I could make an example if you want me to.

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