• yvess


    I'm doing some code refactoring with pythonista. It works great, except the file switching is an efficient killer.
    I often work with two files in different file trees. So I need to always walk up and down the directory structure only to take a quick look to another file.

    Is there a way to do a fast switch between two files?
    Something like a file bookmark? Or any other workaround?
    Multiple tabs would be great for a future version of pythonista!


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  • yvess

    I got a basic version working. See this gist. After I found out that os.symlink doesn't worked. I tried it with hard links, os.link exists and executes.

    If I do it in pythonista shell it works as expected, that when I link to file(s) and change any of them the content of the other file(s) gets also updated.

    For the files in the editor the hard links don't seem to work. Perhaps some caches in the app that come in effect here?
    So I combined the suggestion from @omz with my idea and this works :-)

    The only drawback is on touch more, because I need to execute the file. Is the an auto run option in pythonista?

    It was fun to do this, and awesome that pythonista allows this :-)

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  • yvess

    Thanks for that suggestion, this brought me also to another idea. But I couldn't get that working.

    The idea is to use symlinks. On the top level I make a directory "current".
    I add the actions "add to current" and "remove from current".
    The action "add to current" should symlink the current open file to the current folder.
    So I could have symlinks to all current files I want to work with in a flat folder. So I can easy and fast switch to the files I want.

    The problem I'm facing is that I can't add symlinks with python. When I try "os.symlink" I get the error "'module' object has no attribute 'symlink'". I also tried "os.system("/bin/ln -s %s %s"), this returns 32512 (command not found).

    Shouldn't be "/bin" world readable like mentioned on apple developer sandbox.
    I only have rudimentary iOS programming knowledge, so I don't know if other security stuff is kicking in.

    Is there a way to make symlink in pythonista?

    some ideas, only dreaming here :-):
    A feature request for pythonista could be to display the last 5 open accessed files on the 5 bottom rows in the pythonista file browser.
    Another would be to add a bookmark feature where the Delete... Move.. Action for files is. You could switch to the Bookmark view with left swipe when the file browser is open.

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  • yvess

    @omz so will python3 come some day? only to rule out "a) no Python 3.x ever" from @CarlRJ :-)
    I'm really enjoying to code with my ipad mini retina on the go!

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  • yvess

    New year! New hope for a python 3 version of pythonista :-)

    @omz some new thoughts about this topic?

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  • yvess

    I'm also greedy for a python 3 version :-)
    It's clear that python 3 is the future (and present) and python 2.7 is the past (and present).
    At sometime the transition time will be almost over and everybody will use python 3, except for some legacy stuff.

    Archlinux has python3 as default, fedora and ubuntu will follow next year.

    Because we are in a transition time, a newbie needs to deal with this topic at the moment.
    As long as he doesn't needs a library wich only is supported in python 2.7 it would be a bad idea to start a new project in python 2.7.

    So I hope that after the big ios 7 update, python 3 is next for pythonista :-)

    I don't mind to have two pythonista version in the appstore. A python newbie needs to be confronted with this version stuff, at the moment.

    Or your could make an in-app purchase for python 3, and later on at some time you can switch to python 3 as the default a make python 2 an in app purchase.
    In pythonista you could have to separate workspaces and environments one for python 2 and one for python 3.

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  • yvess


    I'm a new user of Editorial, and it's awesome :-)

    One thing I'm missing in Editorial or any other ios text editor, is native support for reStructuredText.
    Sometimes I prefer to work with reStructuredText, especially for writing python documentation!
    So as the python support is so great in Editorial, this would be a natural fit.

    A wysiwig reStructuredText Editor would be a pipe dream!

    It would be a good start if Editorial and pythonista would have the docutils and sphinx python modules.
    This would open a lot of new use cases for Editorial!



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