• @rxvan, the package that contains attr.s is installed with pip install attrs (note the s) and imported with attr (no s). There is also a package called attr which is also imported with attr but does not contain attr.s.

    Looks like you have the wrong one. Try removing that and installing attrs.

  • @ccc , sorry for not being clear. It goes into the pyui file. Screenshot, below. Sorry, I left it full screen so it's clear to others also.

    Edit: oops, that is creating a dynamic attr in pic. But it's the same place / same idea.

    The eval is called on the CustomAtrributes, in the ui.py function _view_from_dict

    Sorry a few edits: I rushed this. But the self.sayhello(1,2) evals() to calling a method of that name in our class. You can leave off the self and call a function, but I think from memory you have to return True, otherwise warnings are printed.
    This seems very close to what the action method does , when it's defined inside the pyui file.

  • @mikael , 0k I will have to look tomorrow. 1:47am here now 😱 With many black label and sodas 🎉
    But I hope you don't mind, my idea is to keep pushing your idea until it breaks. When it can not be broken, not just by me , but then it should be great.

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