• You can test the ios font and their glyphs with a short script:

    from objc_util import * UIFont = ObjCClass('UIFont') vObjCAllFontNames = [] vObjCFontFamilieNames = UIFont.familyNames() for vObjCFontFamilieName in vObjCFontFamilieNames: vObjCFontNamesWithinFamily = UIFont.fontNamesForFamilyName_(vObjCFontFamilieName) vObjCAllFontNames += vObjCFontNamesWithinFamily vFontFamilieNames = [] vAllFontNames = [] for vTemp in vObjCFontFamilieNames: vFontFamilieNames.append(str(vTemp)) for vTemp in vObjCAllFontNames: vAllFontNames.append(str(vTemp)) vAllFontNames.sort() for vFont in vAllFontNames: vConsoleFont = [(vFont, 20), (0, 0, 0)] console.set_font(vConsoleFont[0][0], vConsoleFont[0][1]) console.set_color(vConsoleFont[1][0], vConsoleFont[1][1], vConsoleFont[1][2]) print(vConsoleFont[0][0]) print(u'\u0048\u0065\u006c\u006c\u006f \u0057\u006f\u0072\u006c\u0064\u003a \u10c5\u10c7\u10cd\u10d0\u000a') console.set_font() console.set_color(0.00, 0.00, 0.00)

    Maybe this is a help for you, but i didn't test it.

  • @ABLPHA Could you please upgrade to the latest version (3.1) and check if the issue persists?

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