• A debt of gratitude is in order for tending to this subject. I was searching for the data with respect to the equivalent!

  • @a9wtPrLyjKTbNH0 you could play with this script but I'm almost sure that @mikael would give a better way with his anchor module

    import ui from objc_util import * @on_main_thread class MyTextViewDelegate (object): def textview_did_change(textview): tvo = ObjCInstance(textview) cgs = tvo.sizeThatFits_(CGSize(textview.width,2000)) textview.height = cgs.height sv = textview.superview sv.content_size = (sv.width,sv['iv'].height+textview.height+4) sv = ui.ScrollView() sv.frame = (0,0,400,600) sv.background_color = 'white' iv = ui.ImageView(name='iv') iv.frame = (0,0,sv.width,200) iv.image = ui.Image.named('test:Peppers') sv.add_subview(iv) tv = ui.TextView() tv.delegate = MyTextViewDelegate tv.frame = (2,iv.height+2,sv.width-4,100) tv.border_width = 1 # only to show height automatically varying tv.border_color = 'blue' tv.corner_radius = 5 tv.text = 'a\n'*20 sv.add_subview(tv) tv.delegate.textview_did_change(tv) # only to compute initial height sv.present('sheet')
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