• Right, @ccc, but I didn't know what kind of exception it would throw since I'm not somewhere I can test it.

  • Thanks omz!

    By the way, this is why I love Python. It is so simple, yet is very adaptable.


  • @Rossburnett Do you happen to be running iOS 5?

  • We'll see you later, have fun, stay sane we need you here :)

  • @PyLot
    Wow, thanks! that really helps keep things a bit more organized :)

    I owe ya' one.


  • Nice, I learned something new too! Didn't know xrange was better than range for iterating through loops. Apparently, the only time we should use range is when we actually need the list.

    Gotta love lurking other peoples threads haha

    Now for my contribution...

    @Cubbarooney - Hit tests are easier than they appear, depending on what you need them to do. If you look at some of my projects, you will see they all contain a hit test function (the best one imo is the one I'm using in my Space Shooter and RTS demo, which checks a single point to see if it's hitting a box). I use these functions because often times the object I'm checking to be hit isn't technically a Rect object, they are images. Either way it's identical to testing a rectangle.

    Hit testing circles is a bit trickier especially if you're like me and didn't pay much attention in geometry. Here's a few working examples of hit tests that I did: http://omz-software.com/pythonista/forums/discussion/138/crude-hittest#Item_2

  • Thanks omz! I'll look over the code you provided!

    Also, I realized you can (using a rectangle) do "self.layer.image = 'name_of_image'" and then not set a background color for the rectangle. The image then takes the dimensions of the rectangle.

    I'll post again if I have any further trouble. Thanks again!


  • 83 and 1/3 hours.... That would be quite some time!

    And thanks for the tip on clear and print. I have another program that does a loop a lot, but it does print a bit. I'll see what I can cut. I assume sounds slow it down a bit too.

    And thanks for the additional research!

    Randint() is very solid!


  • Not sure why I never tried @omz and see what would happen.

    As far as learning by example goes, it helps to have written explanations (which is why I love pound sings).


  • Thank you omz!

    Makes sense now :)


  • Lol, ok. So make it exist on the "outside" and then (when used in a defined function) tell the program to use the global variable.

    Thanks for all your help!

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