• Guildenstern

    For some strange reason, I can't insert images on my Markdown texts. I've been using Markdown for years now but it seems there's something that I'm not doing right here. I'm afraid the problem is with the image path, but I've even tried Internet urls and it doesn't work. So, I've resorted to coming here as a last chance to recover my sanity. Anyway, my process for inserting an image is:

    • If my document is in folder "Folder", import the image "img.jpg" on "Folder/images".
    • Then, on my document, I type ![Image](images/img.jpg). As I said, I've also tried inserting internet urls and absolute urls, just in case that was the problem.
    • I then go to the preview... but I just get a box with the text "Image". And it's driving me crazy.

    I know that I must be doing something wrong and it's going to be stupid. I just can't see where and now I feel stupid.

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