• Pycrypto is old. And there are many other old modules, like pep8. And there are many modules to update, like numpy, PIL. And we are still using 3.6.1 and 3.7.4 is coming soon. Just calm down and try pyto.🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

  • AFAIK Ole's thinking about this, maybe he is already implementing this, but do not expect any dates. I would not expect even answers like - will be added, will not be added. This Files API is nice, but who knows how Apple is going to react when people starts sharing Python script with it. Apple Review team is kind of black hole. After all these years with Apple Review team, I have no expectations at all and waiting how they're going to react. You can ask them in advance, they tell you something and then they'll act differently, etc. For what I know, Working Copy (git) does support it and it would be awesome to get rid of Drag & Drap and use this way where all these files are synced automagically :)

    For the Drag & Drop, DIY (Do It Youself).

    My answer to this is - patiently wait and you'll see :)

  • This, or when you're on a connection that is a bit too slow or unreliable for streaming. In that case it's nicer to download a video in the background for a while, so you can watch it uninterrupted afterwards, without having to wait for it to buffer every few minutes.

  • The "trick" is probably that Python files cannot be imported. This is just to make the app review team happy I think. It's also not that hard to get around the restriction by renaming the Python file before importing.

  • Always grateful for each update. I use this app for education. Each update means I have a better and more powerful learning tool for my students.
    Thanks a million.

  • I'll give it a try, thanks.

  • @omz , thanks. I was wondering actually. It's great

  • Aha - you're right! I moved my code line (the send_to_back) into after the subviews are created rather than when all the attributes of the element are setup and it works wonderfully. Thanks!

  • Using min() and max() simplifies keeping sprites in bounds...

    import scene class ButtonNode(scene.SpriteNode): def __init__(self, title, *args, **kwargs): scene.SpriteNode.__init__(self, 'pzl:Button1', *args, **kwargs) self.title = title scene.LabelNode(title, color='blue', font=('Avenir Next', 20), parent=self, position=(0, 0)) def touch_began(self, touch): sprite = self.parent.sprite x, y = sprite.position if self.title == '←': sprite.position = max(x - 20, 0), y elif self.title == 'β†’': sprite.position = min(x + 20, self.parent.size.w), y elif self.title == '↓': sprite.position = x, max(y - 20, 0) elif self.title == '↑': sprite.position = x, min(y + 20, self.parent.size.h) class MyScene(scene.Scene): def setup(self): center = self.size/2 self.sprite = scene.SpriteNode('Dog_Face', parent=self, position=center) ButtonNode('←', parent=self, position=center - (300, 300)) ButtonNode('β†’', parent=self, position=center - (100, 300)) ButtonNode('↓', parent=self, position=center + (100, -300)) ButtonNode('↑', parent=self, position=center + (300, -300)) def touch_began(self, touch): for node in self.children: if touch.location in node.frame and hasattr(node, 'touch_began'): node.touch_began(touch) scene.run(MyScene())
  • @JonB Works well, thanks!

    If people from the future see this, he's talking about the client variable you create at the top of your program - client = ImgurClient(client_id,client_secret)

  • @lachlantula , no problems. I was just intrested in trying it after @abcabc pointed out the secure attr. I have see things go strange before when you play with the size of the system font. But initially I was using the default size. Oh, well

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