• @mikael thank you for the reply - genuinely appreciate it.

    Yeah I feared they were Pythonista specific (which is fine - just means I need to pivot). I'll look into the other thread and if I can - contribute where I can there.
    It would be great to establish Pythonista as a (for beginners / protoypists) full-fledged Pi IDE (I feel like UI is the missing piece there).

    I did want to avoid using WebView but if I have to - I'm no stranger to front-end development so I can always give into that road.

    I'll check my options a bit further - thank you for the advice and have a great day!

  • @lachlantula , no problems. I was just intrested in trying it after @abcabc pointed out the secure attr. I have see things go strange before when you play with the size of the system font. But initially I was using the default size. Oh, well

  • Thanks a lot both. All the different solutions are working.

  • This could be because of iOS 11's "smart punctuation" feature, which messes up quotes, dashes, and other punctuation. (Well, in normal text it's nice, but when programming it's annoying.) Maybe you've already disabled it for the onscreen keyboard, but you may have to disable it again for the hardware keyboard. (Since iOS 10, some keyboard settings are tracked separately for onscreen and hardware keyboards. The "smart punctuation" setting might be one of them.)

  • @dgelessus @ccc The code that I tried for the ButtonItems were pretty much the same as you suggested. After a lot of trying I think it's due to the NavigationView generated by the UI editor. If I create the view programmatically it works. I changed the code in my app to use a pyui file for the general frame. In the frame there is a placeholder where I insert the manually created NavigationView. As subview I insert another view loaded from another pyui file. It's definitely not straight forward anymore but at least I made some progress after being stuck for two days with the NavigationView that didn't work. By the way: this also fixes the trouble with the wrongly centered buttons.

    @omz Could this be a general problem that the NavigationView generated by the UI editor has some flaw in it making it "misbehave"?

  • @omz can you fix this in the next update, please? It is a really annoying bug. I used button images a ton.

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