• No, sorry but @omz is watching you 😅
    You'll receive an explanation.
    Perhaps, the site where you get your picture does not respond immediately if you make too much requests from an app, I have had this kind of problems on Google site.

    In reality, when your picture is not displayed, the script seems locked because even the close button does not response.

  • see here for an example of a matplotlib interactive zooming plot. I am not entirely sure if this works in the latest pythonista versions (probably only for the 2.7 interpreter)

    But the key to simple static plots is basically:

    self.b.seek(0) plt.savefig(self.b,format='jpg',dpi=dpi) self.img_view.image = ui.Image.from_data(self.b.getvalue())

    where self.b is a BytesIO object, and dpi is a number which you can experiment with to trade off speed vs quality.

    Also, something like


    might be needed so the dpi values are meaningful.

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