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    Hi there,

    You can often get support right here in the forums - support from developers can be limited - especially when it's a single person supporting the app.

    I for one would be happy to help guide you through whatever troubleshooting steps are required.

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    Well outside of jailbreaking - It won't be as nice to develop - especially since I'd have to build out all of the interfaces the implementation of the new functionality.

    I should also state that I use Pythonista for fun, and to solve problems on my iDevices that I can't otherwise.

    That - and i'm too lazy to break out the MBP.

    Thanks for clarifying - better than wasting my time.

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    Okay, I get it cool.

    Too bad, seemed too easy.

    @omz are you open to a community contribution?

    Perhaps a github page where members can contribute code and - when you get time you can review and include?

    I am sure the top members here would be happy to ensure code quality on PR's.

    Let me know

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    @omz - is there any way I can contribute or help?

    ie updating modules etc?

    I've been playing with some OSS python stuff on iOS here just to figure it all out.

    I really don't care to get paid or that Pythonista is a commercial app, it's about the community.

    Outside of testing the beta, of course!

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    Hi all,

    I was thinking about extending Pythonista functionality, I know I can work to build Python extensions when using the iTunes kit from @omz but I have some questions..

    1. Can Pythonista / iTunes Kit be used to build a framework?

    2. If I build Python modules against the same version as Pythonista, would a sys.path modification allow it to work, assuming it was embedded into the framework?

    3. Do I have any other options for building modules that others could use?

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    Note: I meant super().add_subview for regular subview

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    Hello it's me again!

    I am playing around with implementing a UIStackView via objc_util

    I have two questions:

    1. How do I get access to the Enumerations?

    Such as "UILayoutConstraintAxisVertical" or "UIStackView.Distribution.fill"?

    I've used the load_framework helper to load UIKit, and QuartzCore and no luck.


    1. I know I can't use ui.View.add_subview() when using a custom UIView class (such as UIStackView); but I can access ui.View().objc_instance.addSubview() and it seems to work.

    My code is too messy to post, but I will later if I can't get it going with this.

    I am setting up a subclass of ui.View(), from there I've setup UIStackView as self.stackview.

    The UIStackView uses its subviews to render the content.

    Is there anything i can do to allow me to use the ui.View().add_subview()?


    Also, if anyone can give me a thought on how I am planning on implementing this..

    class StackView (ui.View):
        def __init__(self):
            self.stackview = UIStackView.alloc().init()
            # Setup stackview options..
            # Setup properties for common used SV opt's
        def add_subview(self, subview, use_stackview=True):
            # TODO: Add Error checking
            if use_stackview:

    This is a quick rough idea of how I see it working, so it "feels" like it was embedded in Pythonista.

    Any help on above items would be grand!

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    Hey thank you everyone.

    I must have had a typo when I initially posted this - but it seems to work now.

    Notes: I used ui.parse_color('blue').CGColor()

    This works with RGBA, Hex and Named Colors.

    Ill post the code when done, I am using this to create custom button styles, along with some custom styles for "checkbox" functionality (circles, squares, stars, etc)

    Thanks again for your help!

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    Hello Pythonistas,

    I need some help - how can I use objc_util to use the CAGradientLayer class.

    I can't seem to figure out what Framework(s) I might need to load.

    Using ObjcClass it can't seem to find CAGradientLayer.

    Ideally I want to setup a function which can generate buttons and views with a gradient as a background.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I wish I could replace my PC with my iPad, but I have too much interest in things like golang, and native hacks for Mac/PC.

    ie - I am very slowly developing a "pyenv" equivalent written in PowerShell, including hooking into Set-Location to check for a .python-version file.

    The lack of support for a mouse does take away using RDP (which is what I'd rather do), and setting Windows into tablet mode is annoying at best.

    I doubt Apple will setup Mouse Support.

    For WINDOWS I could use a citrix solution ($100 USD for software, $100 USD for Mouse)

    But that won't solve my issues just yet, so, I must still keep both.

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