• @reticulated said:

    @omz are you open to a community contribution?

    Depends. Quite honestly, every additional module/framework I include increases the amount of maintenance I'll have to do later, so it would have to be quite useful for a larger group of people, and I usually add new stuff at my own pace. If you build something truly useful using the Xcode template (I think that's what you're referring to), then of course I'd be open to look at it though.

  • One thing you should do: add stackview as a subview of self, set it's frame to self.bounds, and define a custom layout to enforce this always whenever self changes size (you could also set up the stackview flex, but that's slightly more complex using objc). That way, the flex settings in the custom UI.View will let the view live more naturally inside pythonista views. And by having the stack as a subview of your custom view, higher level views don't need to use objc to interact with it.

    One problem you will have is that subviews of the stackview will be unable to use superview, since the superview isn't a python object. You could add custom attributes to subviews in your custom add_subview, to point back to your custom view as the"real" superview.

  • Hey thank you everyone.

    I must have had a typo when I initially posted this - but it seems to work now.

    Notes: I used ui.parse_color('blue').CGColor()

    This works with RGBA, Hex and Named Colors.

    Ill post the code when done, I am using this to create custom button styles, along with some custom styles for "checkbox" functionality (circles, squares, stars, etc)

    Thanks again for your help!

  • Hi @reticulated, I'm quite sure omz is still working on Pythonista because I think it's tremendous (and not very smart) that such an application is abandoned. We should know that he knows this fact (I know he knows this fact).

    I'm happy when people help people with ideas, codes, examples, informations.
    You are talking about things too advanced for me, but I'm sure you are talking in order to give Pythonista more power.

    The nice and curious thing is to understand how to give more power to Pythonista without pretending that is omz to give it (that is without need to compile entire Pythonista for new releases).

    The best thing in my opinion is to give omz maximum freedom to decide when to give us new releases of his great app, and in the meantime people could continue to give more power to Pythonista, maybe with plug-ins development.

    Some ideas:

    to extend functions of code editor with find/replace, reformat, code folding... with one click to extend functions of file browser with find/replace for files and folders and content (with regex), zip compression, full properties on files and folders (size, last edited data, if file is editable or not, so I'd like to block some files or folder by editing them, ... ) to extend functions to link Pythonista to any computer for comfortable development of Pythonista/Python scripts using big pc keyboard (my iphone is little and to use WebIDE) we need a wifi shared, not always available, but maybe with bluetooth could be possible using only pure python libraries or scripts, to extend a possible free remote connection service/interface if you want to make calculations that require not-pure python libraries not present in Pythonista (scipy, pandas, etc..) and with a full and complete integration with the app environment (example: my script, to run, needs some scipy functions, ok, I write it in Pythonista and I execute the entire script with Pythonista interpreter, and only the code that requires scipy is executed by the server with full working input-output capabilities), to extend internal site-packages folder in order to be able to delete not used pure-python libraries, since we can reinstall them with pip (using StaSH for example).

    Thank you

  • Yep - however I didn't take a deep dive into it.

    ARKit looks like a really fun one to get going (eye roll) but I am quite sure it works.

    Oh well - perhaps I will try, but then again actually finishing a project is hard for me

  • @mikael I tried to do it with setuptools twine from my iPhone, but never managed to make it work. I had to resort to a Mac.

  • @reticulated To pass arguments, you can modify sys.argv before calling runpy.run_....
    Edit: Also, for running a python REPL, you can use the code module.

  • @JonB

    Speech recognition would be for anin-app mini siri concept.

    I am on iOS 11; so thats a great tip thank you.

    If anything - I am going through start to implement class to let others have access to whatever functionality I get going; as said I am weak in Objective C so this is a really good excuse to learn more.

    Off topic but somewhat related; I've started with JavaScriptCore as it appears to be a smaller framework. I am trying to see if I can get tesseract.js to work any faster than in a webview.

  • @reticulated, yes, pan is your friend for dragging things.

  • I also took another approach: write a socket program, define some bytes to request files, checksums etc. something to send files, to receive files, and run the script on pc and pythonista device. add a dict to store timestamp and md5 +pickle to save to file.

    This way I ‚sync‘ files between iphone and Pc and can work on both.
    Only important thing: whenever you change code, run a sync before changing it on the other device as well. If both timestamps differ and md5 differs then sync creates a file version of your own and one of the remote file.

    Then just add that folder on your pc to your preferred version control and do the backup/committa there.

  • (Sorry I wrote this a few days ago, but looks like i forgot to submit it) :(
    @reticulated , thanks for your detailed reply. Sounds great what you are doing. I also agree about the padding. I also try to use a content_view same as @omz when doing such things. It's super helpful. Only small issue iteration over items in the view. But @JonB ViewWalker helps with that.
    I never use pickle. I am just scared of it :). Just because I dont understand all the gotchas. But for the config/state etc... if you say choose json, for config/settings etc, you could possibly have an object that does the read/writes etc in your storage of choice, shelve for example. But the object may allow for different storage's. I only mention because TinyDB project has this concept of custom Middleware and storage. But this maybe over the top.
    But really looking fwd to seeing your project. I have put a watch on this thread so i will get updates

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