• This is already possible, in the wrench menu there is a "Share..." workflow by default, which brings up the standard iOS sharing options.

    Besides, Markdown is just text, so if all else fails you can simply copy and paste it.

  • sound.set_honors_silent_switch(False) ?

  • Scene's get run using the run method.
    setup and update get called by the system, you do not call them yourself.

    You can define an __init__ method for scenes, which let you customize them prior to creation, but the scrne has not started running yet, so you cannot manipulate the nodes in init.

    See the docs for the scene module.

    ui module works a little differently - custom views can implement layout and draw methods, which are called by the system. You use the present() method to show your view. But, you can manipulate the view heirarchy in "real time", whereas in scene, interacting with scenes need to be done from methods called by update or setup.

    If you are asking how to pass "commandline" arguments, you long-press the play button, which will then let you specify the args. then you check sys.argv inside the body of your script.

  • If you click up in the menu, you get the full error message with the traceback

Internal error.

Oops! Looks like something went wrong!