• I have, though I know very little about JSON. Thanks for replying. I'll look into this and the workflow-sorting workflow. Btw, if you celebrate any, happy holidays. Thanks again!

  • That means yes, you can pause a workflow while you send stuff off to another app and pick up where you left off when it comes back. :-) See my Monthly Update workflow that I just uploaded. It goes over to Drafts as many as eleven times and comes back to where it left off.

  • No worries. I'm sure if it's meant to be there, you'll get it there when you can. Was just curious if it was intentional, planned, or something I was overlooking. Thank!

  • Thank you kindly for sharing. I've read a bit of the API docs. Maybe I'll give some modification a try after reviewing the script but I appreciate this thank you.

  • No actually that sounds great! I am perfectly fine with that. I like the idea of being able to manage that from the app. That might well be preferable. Looking forward to it. Thanks.

  • That works awesomely wonderful. I keep my Archive at the end as well. This is exactly what I was looking for. I need to learn Regular Expressions. I have a very vague understanding but ice been trying to find some decent sources of info for beginners. However, looking at workflows that use regex is helpful. Thanks for putting this together, I really appreciate it!

  • Awesome. The folks at Apple weren't very informative for me, with their responses all sounding quite boilerplate. Though, most customer service places run on scripted scenarios. Glad it works the way it does, I was impressed. I even got to keep TaskPaper, despite Apple's help people telling me it wouldn't reinstall. As for Editorial, I think I'm going to keep a regular backup anyway of my workflows, good to have in case I delete one again like a moron. I'm so glad these two apps have forums!

  • Michael, I think it was, asked a similar question in the Editorial 1.1 thread. I would like to see that. Trying some things myself, it looks like it doesn't now. But that may come. I know it supports footnotes, and it does that quite well. There's an excellent set of workflows for easily creating a new footnote, or add to a footnote, or search them (I think that's it). I'm hoping the 1.1 is nearer than we expect, and bringing more multi-markdown support, though it won't be a deal breaker for me, if nothing else then because of the workflow possibilities in this app. We shall see I suppose.

  • @rob that must be the default uses by other apps, or in the CSS in the code, because it's exactly the same using Pandoc on my laptop or through Docverter and this script in both Pythonista and Editorial; at least, on my ipad it is. But that would make sense - looking at the Styles on the ribbon in Word, the blue is used, so it is definitely the default theme for it on my laptop at least. I rarely ever use those when I use Word, I forget they're there most of the time. Thanks!

    @peterh Thanks for the info! I'll add those, and I'll try that in the console. I was simply entering os.getcwd() without print. That makes sense to add it though, as I think about it.

    I saw something the other day in, I think Learn Python the Hard Way, that showed very briefly some strings with u in the example! but didn't go into them at that point. I'll look that up tomorrow and do some thorough research on it.

    I thought about the CSS so I will have to look at it too. I've been working on learning some CSS in my spare time, while brushing up on my HTML from years ago. I should be able to figure that out, as long as there is nothing especially different when being implemented in a script, as such. I've learned a lot from this little project though. Every little bit learned - I'll chalk it up as a win and continue with it. Thanks again. I'll be going over this stuff tomorrow when I'm well-rested (hopefully!) and can give it the time it deserves.


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