• But it has nothing to do with Python on iOS which is the topic of this forum.

  • Ok, let's start very basic.

    Your views start at the root view -- the one you call present on -- and then are heirarchical going down . If you assign a name in the UI editor, you can refer to a subview by name, a but only from it's immediate superview.

    Please do the following:. From your button action, call this method on sender.

    def print_view(sender): root=sender while root.superview: root=root.superview print('root:', root.name, type(root)) def print_subviews(v, prefix): print(prefix, v.name, type(v)) for sv in v.subviews: print_subviews(v, prefix+'+') print_subviews(root,'')

    That will print something like
    root UI.View
    +view1 UI.view
    ++button1 ui.Button
    ++textview1 UI.Textview
    +label1 UI.LabelView

    Etc. Hopefully this helps explain your view heirarchy.

    Note that often people create global variables, or attributes in the root view that point to deep subviews...

    root=ui.load_view (....) root.input_box=root['view1']['textview1'] ....

    Then you can simply refer to these in your callbacks functions without having to use superview/subview business in your callbacks. If your button takes action on a specific item, that ends up being cleaner. If instead you have 5 buttons using the same action, then you would use sender. Superview

  • @Treenjood

    I wrote a script that converts the pyui attributes into text for copying into a py file as code. I will take a bit of manipulation to convert over some of the attributes, but it should help get you started. The code is available here.

  • @victordomingos There two ways to do this:

    You can subclass a TableView and overwrite cell_for_row to create a TableViewCell, add subviews to cell.content_view and then return the cell. There are some hidden options for a TableViewCell. Take a look at this discussion: https://forum.omz-software.com/topic/941/tableviewcell-detail_text_label/3
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