• It's not obvious that those other languages will prevent it from running on pythonista-- the JavaScript is there for clients. The typescript is there either, I believe, for creation of your own components. But I don't see a reason in theory why using pre-built components wouldn't work.

    I will say that the setup.py is pretty nonstandard, and uses shell commands to do some of its job

    I'd try installing manually -- wget the archive, unzip, then move the streamlit/lib/streamlit folder to site-packages. Then try importing it, see what breaks, install those dependencies, rinse, repeat.

    I'm not sure where all of the components are supposed to get installed, maybe you pip install those.

    This requires tornado, I forget if that works on pythonista. Also, whatever is launching the browser would need to be replaced with a WebView, or maybe @mikael,'s wkwebview.

  • @ihf it is restored now, you should see it

  • Ui wont run elsewhere, but of course you can use a webview.
    was an old attempt at wrapping webview with backend python launching in a cross platform way. So you use html/js/css, with some python running the show in the background.
    I have nevr used it, so not sure how far he got (also, not sure if it will work with latest pythonista)

  • Run:

    pip install asgiref

    Then restart. That shud do it

    But then there's this error

    Note that only Django core commands are listed as settings are not properly configured (error: Requested setting INSTALLED_APPS, but settings are not configured. You must either define the environment variable DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE or call settings.configure() before accessing settings.).

    Need help with is. I believe you need to set an environment variable to point to a named Django settings-config file. Much of a gray area for me still a newbie to the stash terminal. Any heads up ?

  • @ihf, what I meant was that I think this is a missing feature by Apple, and putting in a feature request to Apple might not be a bad idea.

  • @ihf there are a lot of topics about this problem, like here

  • @ihf possible and probable, but if action = Apple Shortcut and if this shortcut starts a Pythonista script, your objective is reached, isn't it?

    Edit: sorry, I didn't read correctly the from a locked state

  • @ihf I think (and hope) he will.
    See "What's New in Pythonista" page in the documentation, where @omz says «If you’ve been using the beta, you may notice that the “Siri Shortcuts” feature is missing from this release. It’s still planned, but the beta implementation was based on already-outdated iOS 12 APIs, and I want to take a little more time for a version that makes use of new iOS 13 features like custom parameters. Thanks for your patience! There’s still a lot of new stuff to discover in this update.»

  • /private/var/mobile/Containers/Shared/AppGroup/05D14C00-CCAC-4E98-A3CC-96C6944B8534/Pythonista3/Documents/site-packages/xmlrpc/__init__.py

    Did you install this package using the -6 parameter or did you use an outdated StaSh version for this installation? Normally, packages should now be installed only in site-package-3 or site-packages-2 depending on the python version, but it seems like xmlrpc is installed in site-packages...

    @JonB said:

    @bennr01 -- probably need to add xmlrpc to the blacklist...

    It seems like in this case xmlrpc is provided by the future package.

  • Thanks. I just got it to work using the clipboard module rather than doing the paste.

  • Hard coding the version number works a treat 🙏

  • I closed it because Pyto is no longer free.

  • I use both Carnets and Pyto, and love both of them.
    But I am not an advanced user so they help me learn Jupiter Notebooks (Carnets)
    And both can run Pandas, which is superb.
    Pyto is updated regularly and runs 3.8 version of Python

  • My today widget still works

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