• macedotavares

    After an unsuccessful attempt at sorting lines in a workflow, I decided to test the very basics, and I downloaded the "Sort lines" worfkflow by Ole. That didn't work either.

    I enter some lines of text - with line breaks - and when I tap on the workflow, nothing happens. Is there something I may be doing wrong?

    Please advise.


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  • macedotavares

    I use Editorial exclusively with Dropbox synced files. Having found no way to programatically rename a document, I've created a workflow that just makes a named copy and deletes the original. It's something along these lines:

    • Store current filename with editor.get_path()
    • Set a variable with the first line of text
    • Set a variable with the full contents of the file
    • Create a new document, filled with the values of the previous variables
    • Delete the previous file with os.remove()

    The problem is that when the workflow is run, a "renamed" file is created, but the original is only emptied down to zero bytes; I still see it in the file list.

    I tested the workflow with a local file and everything worked fine.

    What's wrong with Dropbox? Is it a bug? Is there a way around it?


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