• @Penguin-Master, git repos are not file systems, so you do not add folders. Instead, you just add the file with the full path, even if some of the folders in that path do not ”exist” in the repo.

    If I misunderstood something, please share also the command you are trying to run.

  • ps StaSh uses python to do git so look at the source for StaSh

    #DULWICH try: import dulwich ...
  • as a temporary fix, see

    edit git.py and change the one line.

  • I think U can use the cmd like this:

    git clone http://username:password@xxx.xxx/..../xxx.git
  • keychain.setpassword is a Python function in the keychain module provided by Pythonista. You need to use it in Pythonista's Python console, not in Stash. (Also don't forget to run import keychain first, so you can use the keychain module in the console.)

  • iirc the stash git tutorial had a review of how to use ssh-keygen, and then how to upload to git. Then you can use git remote to add a link to the ssh://git@github.com/tourname/yourrepo.git url, (i usually name it sshorigin) then git push sshorigin should work. I think there is a size limit for the https in dulwich.

  • Will do. Thanks again.

  • I am on Wifi swapping to 4G when it fails (in pasted log)

    As I said in Slack, updating dulwich as per your recommendation, seems to have done the trick.

    There was an error saying something about an error renaming to dulwich.old but restarting worked

  • @JonB once again, thank you very much!

  • There is actually no reason for gittle anymore. it provided some wrappers, most ofcwhich are now in dulwich.porcelain. Start with dulwich.porcelain. gittle also is not py3 compatible, though I have made some progress updating it for use in py3.

    If you want the "simple button", just clone, push and pull into a single branch, dulwich.porcelain should be adequate.

    The problem you will have with either of these is that dulwich does not have a merge capability. Which is needed when you start makng changes in two places and pushing to the same repo. Also, github sometimes refuses to accept s pull over https in dulwich,mthough ssh seems to work much better. I need to try to compare the ssh vs http push mechanism to see what is different ( the author doesn't use https, so it gets little attention)

    gitview implemented really the very minimal set of functionality, yes the ui kind of sucks, but even that minimal set is not quite enough for it to be fully useful.. you need a clone button, a push button, a pull button, or at least a fetch and merge functionslity. you ought to hsve a way to select and checkout branches. you ought to have a way to select the remote. you need the ability to add or remove files to the index, and committing with a commit message (though i suppose you could simply default to adding all files and auto-committing). It helps to be able to diff files, and to have the ability to checkout previous versions of files.

  • @dgelessus , thank you so much. I can see it is still a clone and then deleting the .git subdir. But that's ok. When I paste your text into stash, just works. All the crap I tried, was just errors. I just tried so many things, I couldn't think straight anymore.

    Still I don't understand why it needs to be a clone. I feel there just should be a copy param to help stupid people like me.

    Just venting 😭😱 I know it can't be that hard, but I find repos etc very difficult. But thanks again.

  • @palmin I just tries to reproduce the error which so far always occured upon the second call of the x-url-callback. Fortunately, I was not able to reproduce it which is that the server was also started by the second call. However, during both the first and the second call it takes 'working copy' about 10 seconds to return to Pythonista.

    This is the call issued: working-copy://x-callback-url/webdav/?cmd=start&key=[KEYREPLACED]&x-success=pythonista%3A%2F%2Fgitsynchista%2Fgitsynchista%3Faction%3Drun%26argv%3DIGNORE_WAKEUP'

Internal error.

Oops! Looks like something went wrong!